Billy Joel Approves Fall Out Boy Cover Of ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’

Legendary songwriter Billy Joel has given Fall Out Boy his thumbs up.

It’s been a few weeks since Fall Out Boy launched their 1989-2023 update of Billy Joel’s famous lyrical history lesson. Now the original artist has weighed in.

This is what Billy Joel told BBC Radio 2:

“Everybody said, ‘Are you going to do part two? When are you going to do part two?’ And I said, ‘Nah, I’ve already done part one.’ So, Fall Out Boy, go ahead. Great. Take it away.”

Billy Joel famously pretty-much abandoned writing new pop/rock material since his 1993 album River Of Dreams. So if he’s not gonna update the track, why not pass the torch?

Here’s Fall Out Boy’s version if you haven’t heard it yet.