NEW MUSIC: Mammoth WVH ‘Another Celebration At The End Of The World’

Wolfgang Van Halen treats us to a straight-up banger to launch the ‘Mammoth II’ era.

Wolf introduced Mammoth to us in late 2020 with “Distance”, an elegiac power ballad released following his father’s years-long cancer battle. “Another Celebration…” couldn’t be more different with its breakneck, full-throttle pace.

The music video below has a fun, yet ironic gimmick where Wolf fires himself and brings in a band to help nail the track. In actuality, Wolf once again played every note on every instrument on every song of the forthcoming Mammoth II. And like its predecessor, he recorded Mammoth II at Eddie Van Halen’s legendary 5150 Studios with longtime friend and producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette.

If you wanna skip the music video and just hear the song, scroll to the bottom. Mammoth II drops on August 4. Mammoth WVH will also open for Metallica and Pantera on November 3 in St. Louis.