Metallica Announces Single Day Ticket Sales For M72 Tour!

Starting January 20, Metallica fans can buy tickets to just one M72 Tour date.

When Metallica rolled out M72 Tour plans late last year alongside new music (“Lux Aeterna”) and news of a new album (72 Seasons on April 14), the live shows certainly sounded ambitious. Friday and Sunday nights in stadiums with two unique sets and different opening acts each night. Pantera and Mammoth WVH on night one. Five Finger Death Punch and Ice Nine Kills on night two. That’s a metric ton of loud rock right there.

Tickets to these shows were sold in pairs, at first. I don’t just mean two seats together. That makes sense. I mean each ticket gave you the same seats for both concerts! That presents challenges for fans who travel long distance. For example, Kansas Citians driving across Missouri for the St. Louis shows on November 3rd and 5th may have to either book 2-3 nights hotel or schlep up and down I-70 TWICE.

Thankfully, single show tickets are coming soon!

Additionally, you’ll have some pre-sale options to get your mits on tickets early. Check back with us on Thursday January 19 from 10AM to 10PM for a pre-sale code. Or you could do this…