Watch New Footage Of One Of Layne Staley’s Last Alice In Chains Performances

Alice In Chains were opening for KISS on what would be their next-to-last show with original frontman Layne Staley.

Although older, full-set footage exists from AIC’s June 28th, 1996 appearance at Tiger Stadium in Detroit; this footage only became widely available just this month. Below you can watch Layne with AIC performing a couple of songs from their then-current self-titled album: the well-known “Again” and the deep cut “God Am”.

What would be Staley’s final live show with Alice in Chains would take place just five days later… at Kemper Arena right here in Kansas City! Aside from recording a Pink Floyd cover for a movie soundtrack with a one-off supergroup, Staley retreated from the public eye between these shows and his eventual tragic death in 2002 due to a drug overdose.