Will Sick New World Fest Be The Heavy ‘When We Were Young’?

UPDATE: System of a Down, Korn, and other heavy rock bands will headline this festival next May.

And in the time it took me to write this blog, the whole lineup has been unveiled.

sicknewworldfest.com shares a date, venue, and an e-mail entry form for ticket presale updates. The festival goes down May 13th at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. The same site as the Warped Tour crowd-leaning When We Were Young Festival a few weeks back.

More detective work uncovers that concert promoter Live Nation applied for a trademark for the phrase “Sick New World” last month.

So my guess is we’re looking at the nu metal/Ozzfest version of When We Were Young. To recap: instead of a multi-day weekend festival, WWWY booked every band to play each day. Ticket prices were comparable to music festivals that spanned a weekend, but tickets are only good for one day.

Right now, the only Sick New World date is May 13. But remember the WWWY launch. WWWY sold out very quickly, and eventually announced two more dates with identical lineups and prices. I expect Sick New World to follow this pattern.

Are you interested in going? What’s your dream lineup for this show?