Have You Seen Rob Zombie’s Woolite Commercial?

This old Rob Zombie-directed ad resurfaced, and there’s one mindblowing fact about it.

By now you know that Rob Zombie is not just a heavy rock legend, but also a prolific filmmaker, But did you know that he once directed a commercial for the laundry detergent Woolite? I just learned about this today!

Ahead of Halloween, Howard Stern recycled their 2013 interview and asked Rob about the experience. The spot definitely has Zombie’s macabre touch. But what blows my mind is that the idea might not have even been entirely his!

“The thing with the commercials, they’re not my ideas. They come to you. The ad agency has agonized over it for sometimes a year… They wanted to do something, of course, that was like, scary. It’s a pretty weird Woolite commercial — it looks like a guy’s dragging a dead body through a field. … It’s so successful [that] they’re still running it. They’ve been running it for two years. I’ve seen it so much on television.”

I’m trying to imagine the corporate ad exec who spent so much time workshopping this idea! What’s your favorite weird commercial?