Check Out The Awesome Metallica & Stranger Things Merch!

UPDATE: The Metallica Hellfire Club apparel is finally available, and some sizes are already out-of-stock.

The Hellfire Club from Stranger Things just got even more metal.

Season Four of Stranger Things resurrected that annoying mid-1980’s “satanic panic” around pasttimes like Dungeons & Dragons and heavy metal for key plot points about the Hawkins boys and their metalhead friend and dungeon master Eddie Munson. I’ve seen Hellfire Club tees fairly regularly since Netflix dropped the new episodes earlier this year, but the shirts are now getting a serious heavy metal upgrade.

In case for some reason you haven’t heard yet, “Master Of Puppets” got a huge burst of modern day relevance when ‘Stranger Things’ featured the track during a key scene in the finale. The band also invited Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn backstage at Lollapalooza for a jam session. The Metallica x Stranger Things merch ranges from $35 for the basic tee to $60 for the hoodie.

Now uh… hey Marvel? Can we have an X-Men one? Maybe with some Phoenix firebird art? Asking for a friend…