Watch Post Malone Take Nasty Fall At St. Louis Show

Post Malone fell through a hole left open on the stage during a concert this past weekend.

During a show at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday night, Post Malone fell into a hole on the stage. The show was paused for a short while so he could receive medical attention. Some lucky concertgoer with tickets very close to the stage shared video of the incident.

A very apologetic Malone returned to the stage after a short break and resumed performing an abbreviated setlist. Once he visited the hospital after the show, he shared a video message to St. Louis fans to explain a bit more about what happened. NSFW language.

Regardless of how you feel about his music, he’s such a sweet dude. Big rock fan, too. In fact, I resume my calls for Post Malone to make a full-on rock record. Come on, Posty! You can do it!