Security Tackles Tom Morello By Mistake During Rage Against The Machine Set

An agile Rage Against The Machine fan evaded a security guard, who accidentally tackled guitarist Tom Morello instead.

Who says Canadians are more polite? This happened last Saturday night in Toronto. Here’s the story…

As the band was in the middle of show-closer “Killing In The Name Of,” a fan jumped the barrier and ran on stage. A security guard grazed the fan with a flying tackle, but plowed into Morello instead. Both were launched off the stage, but it looks like Morello took the worst of the security guard’s impact. Fortunately, Morello seemed more or less unharmed; and the band restarted the song and finished the show. Here’s video:

This Morello mishap isn’t even the first time something went awry on Rage’s long-delayed ‘Public Service Announcement Tour’. See how frontman Zach de la Rocha is performing while seated? He suffered a leg injury during one of the band’s Chicago shows a couple weeks ago. Rather than postpone these shows for a third or fourth time – Rage originally announced this tour in early 2020 before the pandemic – the band is trying their best to power through.

What happened to Tom also reminds me of a similar incident involving Green Day way back at Woodstock ’94. Keep your eye on bassist Mike Dirnt right around the 34:00 mark.

Ever been to a concert where things went off the rails?  Was the band able to recover?