Watch Eddie Vedder Eject Female Pearl Jam Fan For Violence

A woman smacked a man in the back of the head for filming the Pearl Jam show on his phone.

Pearl Jam was halfway through “Animal” in Zurich, Switzerland a few weeks back when frontman Eddie Vedder asked the band to stop the song. He spoke with a woman from the stage who he spotted hitting the man in front of her because he was filming on his phone. First he empathized with her, but then he put the hammer down. You can watch below.

My favorite part is “You can’t f—ing hit him in the back of the head, either, even though you’re a woman. I appreciate the fact that you can be strong. Quit hitting him. You’re outta here!”

And then they pick up “Animal” halfway through at the chorus. Like goddamn Rock And Roll Hall of Fame-inducted professionals!

Unless an artist or performer has a strict no phone policy – like Jack White for example – fans with phones raised is just a reality of going to events in today’s world. A person can be annoyed with it, sure. But let’s keep our hands to ourselves and enjoy the show.