Ozzy Osbourne Recovering From Major Surgery

Sharon shared an update on Ozzy’s condition after he left the hospital on Tuesday.

Ozzy has endured a long history of medical issues. Some from questionable care (like the bad medical advice that resulted in his first “retirement” in the very early 90’s, or the doctor who over-prescribed so many medications that turned Ozzy into a mess while The Osbournes reality show was on the air) and others that were more real and serious (the quad bike accident, Parkinson’s, that bad fall in 2019).

Ozzy underwent more surgery earlier this week to realign pins in his neck and back that had become dislodged. Last week, his wife Sharon described the procedure as a “very major operation” this is “really going to determine the rest of his life.” Ozzy had also previously added he couldn’t “walk properly these days.” The hospital discharged him on Tuesday. And Sharon thanked fans for well-wishes via social media.

All our best wishes to Ozzy and his family. We know how badly he wants to get back into touring shape, so hopefully ‘No More Tours 2’ will eventually happen!