INTERVIEW: Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters

After learning about the untimely death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, we revisit our final chat with him.

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has a mild case of quarterback envy. I can’t even hit my first question before Taylor, a Minnesota Vikings fan, establishes Patrick Mahomes as the topic of conversation. “Where did that guy come from!? He’s a freak of nature!” We know, Taylor. We know. <3

However, Taylor is just as enthusiastic talking about how their forthcoming David Bowie-influenced Medicine At Midnight compares to other recent Foo efforts likeĀ Sonic Highways andĀ Wasting Light as he was talking about Mahomes. And what is it like to watch his musical brother and bandmate, one Mr. Dave Grohl, connect with people in such a unique way a la his drum battle with the young, British, viral musician Nandi Bushell?

Taylor called in from his car, driving down the 101 through the Hollywood Hills. Can’t ask for more rockstar than that! But those circumstances make for less than optimal audio quality. Thanks for bearing with us as you listen below.