Kanye West Decapitates Claymation Pete Davidson In “Eazy” Video

Kanye West providing a one-man clinic in how NOT to go through a divorce.

I won’t blame you for not being up on this segment of pop culture, so quick recap.

Kim Kardashian West wants to divorce Kanye West. Kim and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson have been romantically linked. And Kanye West has been a big baby about it.

Kanye and collaborator The Game dropped the track “Eazy” back in January, which includes Kanye’s lyric “God saved me from that crash/ just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass (who?)”. The accompanying music video has arrived with some claymation acting out of some dark, twisted fantasies. (Some NSFW lyrics)

Trash talk and hip hop often go hand-in-hand; but when Kanye both laments possibly losing his family and wishes harm to his wife’s new boyfriend – in the SAME VERSE – is he crossing a line?