Foo Fighters: Who Are Dream Widow?

“From their never-released self-titled album…” Foo Fighters said on their YouTube page about the blistering thrash track.

Was this left on the cutting room floor when Dave Grohl did his all-star metal project Probot back in the early ’00s? More realistically, perhaps this track somehow ties into their forthcoming feature-length horror comedy Studio 666?

Foo Fighters have flirted with blistering, metal-tinged tracks from time to time. “White Limo” from my favorite Foos record Wasting Light comes to mind. Had a really fun video starting the immortal Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, by the way. This Foo Fi– *achem* Dream Widow track sounds like Metallica’s Kill Em All engaged in an unholy union with Venom to evoke the earliest of 80’s thrash.

Whether this has anything to do with Studio 666 or not, the film hits theaters on February 25.