NEW MUSIC: Portugal. The Man ‘What, Me Worry?’

Fun and funky new stuff finds Portugal. The Man picking up right where “Feel It Still” left off.

Aside from that 2020 Indigenous People’s Day collaboration with Weird Al Yankovic, this is the self-styled Lords of Portland’s first new song since wrapping up the Woodstock album back in 2017.

The band delves into the track and the forthcoming album concept on this Twitter thread. Long story short; the world is a dumpster fire and they miss laughter and simpler times. And, yes, the reference to the old Mad Magazine slogan is 100% intentional.

So while we wait for the full length, what do you think of “What, Me Worry?”

Portugal. The Man will hit the road this spring for a co-headlining tour with Alt-J. They hit Cable Dahmer Arena on April 7.