NEW MUSIC: Muse ‘Won’t Stand Down’

Muse makes a triumphant and hard rocking return!

Hard to believe Muse is closing in on 30 years of existence as a band! They formed in 1994, and most of their first decade passed before America started paying attention to the British trio with “Time Is Running Out”. Stateside, they slowly grew from clubs to arenas as tracks like “Uprising” and “Madness” became big hits. They’ve earned a reputation as one of the world’s most dynamic live rock bands, and I hope this new track means an eventual KC show is in our future.

“Won’t Stand Down” find Muse back in muscular rock territory. The big guitars and aggressive breakdown evoke material from their heaviest album to date – the militaristic dystopian concept record Drones (2015) – with bits of dubsteppy BWOMP BWOMPs from The 2nd Law a few years prior. What do you think of it?