US Gov’t Sues Auto Shop That Dumped Greasy Pennies On Ex-Employee’s Driveway!

The early 2021 story of 500 pounds of grease-covered pennies has turned into a lawsuit over unpaid wages!

Remember early last year when we heard this unbelievable horrible boss story? Well the U.S. Department Of Labor investigated the shop and found enough shady wage practices to sue the business!

Andreas Flaten – a former employee at A-OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City, Georgia – called the Department of Labor about a $915 check that was owed to him after he had stopped working there. Owner Miles Walker claimed in the lawsuit that the check was prepared but it was never mailed. Flatten says Miles Walker retaliated against him by dumping the oil-soaked pennies on his driveway with a derogatory note.

That’s probably about where our short attention spans stopped last Spring when this all went down, but this report recaps more events in the wake of the initial report. After the greasy penny dumping, the auto shop posted a social media message that could be considered both ‘defamatory’ and retaliation, in violation of federal labor law.

The lawsuit against Walker and his business also claims he failed to pay legally required overtime rates and to keep adequate and accurate records of employees’ pay rates and work hours. The Department of Labor seeks $36,971 in back wages and damages for at least eight employees in addition to Flaten.

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