NEW MUSIC: Falling In Reverse ‘Zombified’

Falling In Reverse provocatively compare cancel culture to the undead on a heavy new track.

Ronnie Radke vents his frustrations very loudly on “Zombified”. Musically, we’ve got a straight-ahead, huge rock track without any of the trap vibes of “Popular Monster”. Still got big riffs, atmospheric keys, and a massive breakdown though. Eventually we’ll hear it as part of the forthcoming Neon Zombie EP. No release date yet, but you can hear the track below. (NSFW lyrics)

Lyrically, the track provocatively compares cancel culture to the undead.

Oh no, they’ll never let go
Of something you said 10 years ago
They’re canceling, canceling you
And they won’t stop til everybody’s

Now, Ronnie Radke has quite the complicated history. On the one hand, people deserve the chance to learn and grow. On the other, we’re all accountable for the things we say and do. As people say, the Internet always remembers. And as we’ve all seen, that often goes extra for public figures like artists.

Do you agree with what him? Or do you think complaints about cancel culture just offer people a way to avoid accountability for their actions?