Watch Metallica Play ‘The God That Failed’ At Aftershock 2021

Official live video of Metallica tackling one of their best ‘Black Album’ deep cuts.

For the past few months, Metallica finally made good on their pre-pandemic promise to play two unique sets on two different nights at some of America’s biggest rock festivals. And with 2021 bringing with it 30th anniversary celebrations for their legendary ‘Black Album’, ‘Tallica are tracking through the album in reverse order for the tens of thousands of fans who show up to watch. This means that seldom-played deep cuts finally get some additional love as the band works its way from “The Struggle Within” back to “Enter Sandman” during the sequence.

“The God That Failed” features one of Metallica’s thickest, fattest grooves over a mighty career. It’s my personal favorite track from the record, in fact. And I’m pleasantly surprised they picked it as a prime cut to share from the Aftershock festival in Sacramento earlier this month.

Both the Black Album 30th Anniversary Reissue and the 53-artist all-star The Metallica Blacklist charity compilation (which benefits Metallica’s All Within My Hands non-profit) are out now.