Watch Corey Taylor In KISS Makeup Cover Nine Inch Nails

Why KISS makeup? Why Nine Inch Nails? Who cares. Corey Taylor is awesome.

Earlier this week, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor needed to extend his set a bit because Cherry Bombs – the dance troop that adds a little zazz to the CMFT tour – were unable to perform. So Corey and his band did something extra special for concertgoers. He and his band donned KISS makeup and padded their set with extra songs. Oddly enough, no KISS though. But there was extra Slipknot, some John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, and this…

Several years before the stark, emotional “Hurt” became a surprise hit for Nine Inch Nails, a stripped-down ballad from their 1989 debutĀ Pretty Hate Machine delivered similar dark vibes and hinted at Trent Reznor’s depth as an artist.

Clearly the song made an impact on Taylor, as he performed this cover for the first time in almost a decade. NSFW language.