Iron Maiden Singer Bruce Dickinson Reveals Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis

“Had I not had the vaccine, I could be in serious trouble,” says Iron Maiden’s legendary frontman Bruce Dickinson.

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has revealed he’s been diagnosed with COVID-19 — in spite of being fully vaccinated.

Dickinson, 63, who recently postponed the last two dates of his spoken-word tour after a family member tested positive, says he began displaying symptoms just days later. He told Rolling Stone the story:

“I thought, ‘Oh well, sh–… I was kind of sneezing a bit. For a couple of days, I felt a bit groggy, kind of like the flu, and that was it. And I’m 63 years old. I’ve pretty much got no doubt that had I not had the vaccine, I could be in serious trouble.”

And as more concerts, venues, and festivals being requiring proof of vaccination and/or a negative covid test, here’s what Bruce has to say about the idea of vaccine mandates:

“It is a personal choice… Personally, I think people are just very badly advised if they don’t go and get themselves double jabbed as quickly as possible, not for the reasons of going into concerts, but for their own health. Having said that, even if you’ve had a double jab, you can still get Covid, and therefore you can spread it to other people who might not have been vaccinated and they might get very sick and die.”

Iron Maiden’s new album, “Senjutsu” — which the band recorded in Paris — is due to drop on September 3rd.