Soundgarden, Vicky Cornell Make Social Media Truce

Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell reached a temporary agreement returning the website and social media accounts to the band.

Could the grunge feud finally be cooling off a bit? The remaining members of Soundgarden have reached an agreement with late frontman Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky to resume control of the band’s website and social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The band members were locked out of the accounts since late 2019 as part of their many disagreements with Cornell. After regaining control yesterday, they announced a new social media policy:

The band’s website and these social media accounts had been only sparsely updated under Vicky’s control. Perhaps trolling got a bit out of control? In any case, perhaps the band and Vicky discussed how these platforms should be managed? Call me naive but I was not aware of “inane conspiracy theories casting blame for harm to Chris Cornell”. On the other hand, after 27 years of some people blaming Courtney Love for Kurt Cobain’s death, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

Many of the accounts have also been updated with 35th anniversary graphics. 35 years. Put these guys in the Rock Hall, already!

Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell still have several ongoing legal battles to settle – including fights over royalties and ownership of certain unreleased recordings Cornell made before he died.

Now for some actual music. Half of Soundgarden – guitarist Kim Thayil and drummer Matt Cameron – collaborated with Taylor Momsen on a track from her most recent album with The Pretty Reckless, Death By Rock And Roll. They helped out with the video too. Watch “Only Love Can Save Me Now” below. The Pretty Reckless opened for Soundgarden on that final tour, and Taylor regularly mentions Soundgarden alongside The Beatles as her two biggest influences.

What do you think would be the most fair deal Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell could reach?  Who should have a claim to Chris Cornell’s last recordings?