The Offspring: ‘Dr. Dexter’, A ‘Smash’-iversary, And More New Music

Dexter Holland jokes that he makes his bandmates in The Offspring call him ‘Dr. Dexter’ since earing his Ph.D.

During an amusing chat with musicfeeds, lifelong Offspring bros Dexter Holland and Noodles chatted about the new album and the band’s other goings-on. One amusing moment touched on Dexter recently finishing his Ph.D. in molecular biology.

MF: Now it would be remiss of me not to mention that you earned your [Ph.D.] recently, Dexter. Congratulations and does that make you Dr Dexter now?

Dexter: I am! I insist that my band members call me Dr Dexter!
Noodles: It’s a huge pain in the ass. I mean, first of all, lead singer disease and then you go and give him a PHD, come on!

Dexter: It’s true, whenever I don’t agree with them on something I just ask “who has the doctorate here, oh, right it’s just me…”
Noodles: Truthfully though, we were all very supportive and very proud that he went back and got his PhD. What’s funny about that though is that we just posted a thing saying that you should get vaccinated and people came at us, trying to school Dexter on vaccinations and whether they work or not. He has a PhD in molecular biology and he specialises in viruses and you’re trying to school him on vaccination! It’s hilarious to me.

A few weeks back on Instagram, The Offspring posted a short clip of the “Come Out And Play” video that replaces the “you gotta keep em separated” lyric with “you gotta go get vaccinated”.


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(By the way, if you’re on the hunt for a Coronavirus vaccine appointment, I’ve got some helpful tips for ya.)

Additionally, today marks the 27th anniversary of The Offspring’s breakthrough third album Smash. What a rollercoaster day April 8, 1994 must have been for these guys! Not only did they release an album that would eventually change their lives, but this was the exact same day the world learned about Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide! But radio and MTV were all over “Come Out And Play” and “Self Esteem”, exposing The Offspring to millions of fans and eventually helping Smash set a record as the biggest selling album on an independent label.

And as we sprint toward the finish line of our nine-year wait for a new Offspring album, we’ve got another new song to enjoy: a swinging relationship lament called “We Never Have Sex Anymore”. credits songwriting on the track solely to Dexter Holland. Dexter married his second wife in 2013, so I predict some particularly ballsy interviewers will probably ask some invasive personal questions about these lyrics.

The Offspring’s TENTH studio album Let The Bad Times Roll arrives April 16.