Man Who Found Shrimp Tails In His Cereal Is A Former Rapper Who Married Topanga From Boy Meets World


Jensen Karp, the Los Angeles man who purchased and ate the cereal, is a writer-comedian and podcaster by trade – hence the “This is not a bit” disclaimer in his original tweet. And when your resumé lists writing stints with the likes of WWE and Sacha Baron Cohen, some people may view a story like this with some level of skepticism. And Karp has further connections to some fascinating pop culture trivia. He briefly had a music career under the nom de rap Hot Karl (trust me and refrain from looking up the phrase on Urban Dictionary) and was signed to Interscope records (his album was never released). And his wife is none other than Danielle Fishel, who 90’s kids will remember as Topanga from ‘Boy Meets World’! They married in 2018, and he appears on her Instagram feed regularly.

His Twitter feed is mostly devoted to this unfolding cereal saga and his back and forth with parent company General Mills at the moment, and it’s fascinating.