UPDATE: Tommy Vext Leaves Bad Wolves

Bad Wolves confirmed on Saturday that they’ve parted ways with frontman Tommy Vext after a turbulent 2020.

UPDATE: Bad Wolves eventually confirmed the below reports. Scroll down for their statement.

MetalSucks.net cited “reliable sources who saw the live broadcast” – which was NOT shared to his Instagram feed afterwards – in their report.

According to those sources Vext blames political differences for his falling out with both his band Bad Wolves and their record label, Better Noise.

Vext added that Bad Wolves will continue without him, and he’ll begin his solo career. He also claimed creative credit for most or all the band’s new album, though whether he meant 2019’s N.A.T.I.O.N. or something unreleased is unclear.

We also don’t know the nature of his departure? Did he quit? Was he fired? Was it mutal?

As of this writing, Vext still tags Bad Wolves on his social media profiles and the band has made no mention of the lineup change.

We don’t know exactly when friction began within Bad Wolves; but back in June, Vext posted a video that used debunked conspiracy theories and misnformation to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement. He also claimed racism in America was “manufactured”. For context, these claims were made during the height of America’s social justice protests following the video depicting George Floyd’s death going public. A short while later, Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle publicly disavowed Vext’s statements and Vext removed his video.

Additionally, Vext attracted more negative attention due to recent domestic violence allegations which unfortunately reminds many of the assaults that resulted in his dismissal from Divine Heresy in 2008.

Shortly after we originally posted this blog, Bad Wolves confirmed the lineup change.

Click here to listen to our interview with Tommy Vext from a few months ago.