NEW MUSIC: Chevelle “Self-destructor”

Chevelle launch their NIRATIAS era with a sprawling, heavy first single.

Like Kings Of Leon yesterday, Chevelle just dropped their first new music since 2016! Here’s what singer/guitarist Pete Loeffler has to say about their latest via Loudwire:

“The song was actually written in 2019 so it’s just strangely coincidental that it fits so well with 2020 being what it was. It’s hard not to find that in everything now… “I’ll give you one thing though. It focuses on science deniers and you guys can run with that. Go delve into the lyrics and check it out. It’s aggressive and I’ve had to learn how to play it all over again this past year with Sam [Loeffler, his brother and Chevelle’s drummer], so fingers crossed that we can do that live too.”

 NIRATIAS – an acronym for “nothing is real and this is a simulation” – drops March 5. If we’re all living, breathing ‘Black Mirror’ subjects, Chevelle won’t be wanting for inspiration.