Watch Violet Grohl Sing For “Nirvana Reunion” At Charity Gala

Dave Grohl’s 13-year-old daughter among guest vocalists during ‘Dave Grohl And Friends’ charity set.

Over the weekend, another rare “Nirvana reunion” took place at an exclusive fundraiser for The Art Of Elysium – an organization which partners volunteer artists with people in need.

These sets, usually billed as ‘Dave Grohl And Friends’, feature surviving members of Nirvana (Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear) fronted by guest vocalists performing Nirvana classics. Last night they were joined by St. Vincent, Beck, and Dave’s own flesh and blood. Violet sang the set-closer “Heart Shaped Box”.

Dave and Violet shared a stage many times before – but basically fronting Nirvana has to make this one of Violet’s most impactful performances ever, right?

St. Vincent and Beck sang the balance of the ‘Dave Grohl And Friends’ set. Each artist participated in previous ‘Nirvana reunion’ performances. St. Vincent sang with them around the 2014 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction; and Beck shared the stage at a 2016 Grammy Awards pre-party hosted by record mogul Clive Davis.

For more video and details about the event, click here.

As for future Nirvana sets, Krist Novoselic says it’ll probably be “another four or five years” before he, Pat, and Dave get back together.


“Lithium” with St. Vincent
“In Bloom” with Beck
“Been A Son” with Beck
“The Man Who Sold The World” with Beck
“Heart Shaped Box” with Violet Grohl