Post Malone Taught Billie Joe Armstrong To Play Beer Pong!?

Apparently the Green Day frontman had never played the classic party game before? Post Malone schools Rock Hall Of Famer Billie Joe Armstrong.

If you can believe it, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong didn’t know how to play beer pong…that is until Post Malone taught him.

Armstrong recently attended a Post Malone show. Footage of a backstage meet-up was captured for Instagram.

Photographer Grady Brannan captioned the picture saying, “Two a**holes and a rock’n’roll legend… We taught Billie Joe Armstrong how to play beer pong tonight…Green Day literally raised me and I’m still star struck.” The photo of Billie Joe playing beer pong allegedly for the first time is on Brannan’s page.

What game did you not learn to play until later in life?