My Chemical Romance Announce First Concert Since 2012!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. That stupid Jonas brother was right! My Chemical Romance is coming back!

After years of “will they or won’t they” and cryptic teases that turned out to be reissues or whatever, we finally have a FOR REAL My Chemical Romance reunion to look forward to.

Cynical sumbitch that I am, I always joked that My Chem would return as soon as they needed some money. More earnestly, I think what I meant was that My Chem was TOO BIG and too beloved to stay away for too long. I was wrong. Seven years was TOO LONG! My Chemical Romance are back, and hopefully this lone Los Angeles gig – at $150 per ticket! – is just the first step.

People looking to buy tickets can crash‘s servers at 2pm CT on Friday 11/1.