Highly Suspect’s “16” And Its Heartbreaking Story

Highly Suspect frontman Johnny Stevens shares a deeply personal and heartbreaking story on “16”, the first single from their new album MCID.

“16” grabs attention from the outset with its hook.

It took 16 years to find ya
One second to love ya
7 years to hold ya
One minute to lose ya

Highly Suspect frontman Johnny Stevens is singing about the end of his relationship with an ex-girlfriend when he learned her baby wasn’t his! Stevens wanted to express this “betrayal and regret” through his band’s music.

On the heels of Grammy nominations earned by their 2016 album The Boy Who Died Wolf, Highly Suspect are clearly aiming high with MCID. Not content to just dominate the rock world, MCID will feature collaborations from big hip hop names like Young Thug and Tee Grizzly. We’ll share more updates as we get them.

Highly Suspect plays The Truman on September 17 with Slothrust opening.