Outside Lands 2019 Will Become 1st U.S. Music Festival To Allow Pot Use

The operative word here being ‘allow’. San Fransisco festival Outside Lands will make its pungent mark on music history this weekend.

I feel like music festivals have long turned a blind eye to marijuana use. (Or in the case of Gathering Of The Juggalos, an illicit open air drug market; as we heard on Tuesday’s The Woody Show). How many times have you smelled weed at a festival? Don’t be dumb enough to light up right in front of security or police and things are usually pretty chill.

But at this weekend’s Outside Lands in San Francisco, a music festival held inside the United States will allow patrons to use cannabis for the first time. Rules at the festival are pretty simple: confine smoking or vaping to designated areas, but edibles and drinks are allowed anywhere on festival grounds. You can even bring in your own bowls or pipes as long as they’re not made of glass.

Performers at this year’s Outside Lands festival include Lil’ Wayne, Paul Simon, The Lumineers, Blink-182 and Imagine Dragons. Do you think this festival will be more profitable or sell more tickets than ever with cannabis on-site?